Kiki Silvestar & Neville Steel

Instructor: Kiki Silvestar

Kiki Silvestar has a passionate Love of Dance!!

She dances Country Western, Salsa, Latin, Swing and Tango and of course her specialty Ballroom. She absolutely enjoys dancing and performing, and loves teaching social, performing and competitive styles of dance. Her students love her personable caring personality and detail oriented teaching style.

Her Fred and Ginger like style performances with her partner Wayne Zwick have thrilled audiences over the years.

Kiki is originally from Japan and her dance carrier started 25 years ago here in Atlanta. She, as a mother of 4 boys, has also performed with her oldest son John several times as well.
Kiki is always looking forward to meeting new people and sharing her love of dance. She is currently teaching at Atlanta Dance in Marietta. Kiki welcomes everyone to visit her anytime at Atlanta Dance!!

Star: Neville Steel

I am 55 years old and was born in Australia. Move to the U.S. in 1999. Travel for a while then opened up Australian Bakey in December 2001. Still operating on Marietta Square. Sell lot of Australian meat pies. That’s what we are famous for.

I am interested in Atlanta’s sporting teams, football, basketball and rugby. I also started ballroom dancing 3 years ago at Atlanta Dance on Roswell Rd. Love living in Acworth, Georgia. The 4 seasons here are brilliant.