Marie Smith & Michael Lang

Star: Marie Smith

Marie is a Gulf War Veteran with the US Army. Marie graduated from Mercer University with a Bachelor in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. She is also the widow of a Savannah Department policeman who was killed in the line of duty. Marie has one daughter, Mari. Marie has worked at Gold's Gym, West Cobb, for 17 years and has been a Spin instructor for 10 years. Marie ran two marathons, one in New York and the other in Florida. She has run over seventeen half marathons. Her trade mark is "Run With Me." Marie loves helping people enjoy life by living a healthy lifestyle.

Instructor: Michael Lang

As fitness professional: trainer, motivational coach, and group fitness instructor, Michael Lang lives and breathes the product of health daily. It is a lifestyle that he wants to share with others and motivate others to see that fitness is not just for looks but for our future selves to thank us for the work we put in NOW. Through enthusiasm, laughter, smiling, and fun.. "Working out" is a thing of the past but play time for adults. Take what we did as children and use the gym as an adult playground.

Michael exercises 5 days a week with a healthy balance of exercise, healthy nutritional eating, fun activities, social life, and rest. These key components are what helps him to be well rounded and enjoy & live life to the fullest.

Being homeless with no job, sleeping in car, and living off one meal a day--this was one of the most challenging times in Michael's life. It wasn't until he started working for Gold's Gym at the front desk that life began. While working at Gold's, a trainer and close friend introduced him to exercise as a lifestyle and not training for a sport which is what he was previously taught. It was her motivation that helped Michael see that exercise and health was the avenue to LIVING. It changed his life and inspired him to help others.

Michael gives back by volunteering with the Norman Spruill Homeless Foundation. Once every month or so, they have fitness day for the homeless. During this time, he takes them on a work out, play active games, or simply dance to help lift their spirits. Michael helps them see that by feeling better, life can change as it did for him.

For Michael, success is not always tangible but about what is the lesson learned and how can it make one a better person. When you can create your destiny through taking risks and experimenting then, you're successful. BEING HAPPY no matter what circumstance you are in, THIS IS SUCCESS!!! To live and not exist!! To use all your gifts up before turning this gift of life back in, this is the ULTIMATE SUCCESS!!!