Mikayla McGee & Dezi Gregory

Instructor: Mikayla McGee

I currently teach jazz, hip hop, ballet, and tap. I am also a Certified Vixen Workout Instructor. Atlanta Dance and Music Academy (formerly Studio Dionne) has been serving the Atlanta area for almost 20 years.

Star: Dezi Gregory

Dezi Gregory is an actor and model in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been in TV shows, commercials, and print ads throughout his career and continues to pursue his craft, as it is a passion of his. Currently he is working on an independent project that’s winning the attention of many networks. With his love of aviation, Dezi has been a flight attendant for 16 years. As a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, he lives up to the company’s expectations of having a servant’s heart. An easy expectation to fulfill as it comes naturally to Dezi. Dezi has a heart for helping people and always wants what is best for everyone. He recently spent the day with middle schoolers on career day to educate the students on a career as a flight attendant. Although Dezi has a degree in television broadcasting and journalism, he is very content with his career path.