Sandy Flournoy & Robert Chabot

Star: Sandy Flournoy

Sandy Flournoy is a breast cancer survivor, Loving Arms Cancer Outreach support group member and mentor to those newly diagnosed. Sandy had a rewarding career as a Real Estate agent. She loves helping people. Although she is retired she continues to hold a license in Real Estate.

Dancing has always been one of Sandy's favorite pastimes. After joining a ballroom dance class, she discovered dancing is also a way of expressing her joy. Sandy believes her love of dance had a lot to do with her recovery from cancer, but faith was the main factor that helped her through this rough time. She credits her positive attitude as a huge part of her healing. Sandy says, "when I do leave this world, I'm going out twirling."

Instructor: Robert Chabot

Robert Chabot has been a dance instructor and performer for the last eight years. He has and continues to play roles in Beauty and the Beast, The Nutcracker, and Swan Lake, etc... He has also done industrial work for Monster Audio, Cartoon Network, and the revival of Footloose. Given the opportunity, Robert enjoys giving back to his community (especially through the arts!). His involvement in Dancing with the stars was facilitated through his home studio (the Great Gig Dance Co.) where he has had the privilege of teaching the ensemble going on four years now! Robert would like to thank Tammy Everhart, Sharon Druzbanski, and his lovely wife Julie Chabot!